Friday, May 11, 2018

Compendium Of Best Pax Hillary Posts

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Bill Maher: Trump Fires Comey. Had Hillary Done This, GOP Would Demand Her Public Disembowelment

If Hillary Spawned A National Security Council As Laughably Shabby As Trump's...

By EVERY Measure, Trump's "Baggage" Is Incomparably More Voluminous Than Hillary's

Hillary's Ad About Donald Trump As Role Model: Our Children Are Watching

Donald Trump Attacks Hillary Clinton On Her Marriage

Donald Trump And The Party Of Family Values

What Does It Mean That "The Party Of Family Values" Has Elected A President Who Scandalizes Children

Comparing Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump As Taxpayers And Charitable Givers

"Let's Just Say It: The Republicans Are The Problem"
Conservative Scholar Norman Ornstein

Hillary's Email/Server Crimes In Perspective

What Kind Of President Do We Want Our Children To See?

The United States Of Barbaria: Where We Normalize Donald And Demonize Hillary

Conservative Icon P.J. O'Rourke Will Vote For Hillary. Why?

When Donald Trump Lavished Praise On Hillary Clinton

Eloquent Defense Of Hillary

If Hillary Had Encouraged Putin To Spy, EVERY Conservative In America Would Be Apoplectic

Trump's Urging Putin To Hack U.S. Is Immeasurably More Egregious Than Hillary's Private Server

Despite Being A Chameleon-Fraud, Trump Gets A Free Pass. Hillary, On The Other Hand...

Despite Being A Chameleon-Fraud, Trump Gets A Free Pass. 
Hillary, On The Other Hand...

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