Tuesday, November 1, 2016

By EVERY Measure, Trump's "Baggage" Is Incomparably More Voluminous Than Hillary's

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Alan: There is no actionable evidence that Hillary's stupid treatment of emails - a course of action she has repented and will not repeat -- has resulted in any security compromise. However, there IS evidence that the federal government's own servers have been compromised - often and gravely. 

On "the other side of the aisle," Trump's blizzard of baggage leaves us desensitized to its endlessly sprawling magnitude. 

"It's just Donald..." we say.

Donald can "grab pussy." 

Donald can divorce 3 wives. 

Donald can refuse to pay his workers. 

Donald can use his vast wealth to sue anyone into submission by imposing "bankruptcy-through-unsupportable-legal-fees." 

Donald can mock the physically disabled. 

Donald can impugn American heroes. 

Donald can rattle nuclear sabers. 

Donald can belittle America's generals. 

Donald can represent the United States as a "loser" nation.

Donald can degrade people of color even when they are native-born federal judges and Gold Star families.

Donald can vomit his intention to "bomb the shit out of them, bomb every square inch;" then invite Exxon to clean up the mess and "in two months it'll be beautiful."

Donald can profess Christianity by "eating the cracker."

Donald can flip-flop ad infinitum - even within the same speech!?!

Donald can "sleep with Putin" as casually as he "fucks" married women.

Donald can beg hostile foreign powers to hack U.S. government officials.

Donald can tell suck-ups-and-sycophants "whatever they want to hear" because the pragmatic/sociopathic is cynical enough to take advantage of "the uneducated," many of them dyed-in-the-wool-deplorables for whom he professes singular fondness. 

Donald can tell people he'll build a "beautiful wall"... and get Mexico to pay for it.

Donald gives little to charity and pays no taxes -- "the price we pay for civilization" -- and calls this "smart."

Donald will use every superlative in his yuuuuge lexicon to paint simple-minded pictures of "The Great Deals" he'll make. 

Donald will sell you The Brooklyn Bridge.

And Donald's dimwits will buy it.

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