Saturday, May 7, 2016

Conservative Icon P.J. O'Rourke Will Vote For Hillary. Why?

"I will vote for Hillary even though everything she stands for is wrong... because, unlike Trump, she is wrong within normal limits."
P.J. O'Rourke 
Cato Institute Fellow 
Contributor to The American Spectator and The National Review
"Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," May 7, 2016
(Reproduced from memory.)

P.J. O'Rourke Just Announced He's Another Republican For Hillary

Trump Is Famous For "Telling The Truth" But Legally Binds Wives/Employees To Total Secrecy

Few Stand In Trump's Way As He Piles Up The Four Pinocchio Whoppers

Donald Trump: Lying, Secrecy And The Widespread Presumption That He "Tells It Like It Is"
Alan: Those Americans who think Donald "tells it like is" are the very people most inclined to lie to themselves, people who have lied to themselves so long and so completely that they have lost the ability to resonate with Truth.
"There are two ways of lying, as there are two ways of deceiving customers. If the scale registers 15 ounces, you can say: "It's a pound." Your lie will remain relative to an invariable measure of the true. If customers check it, they can see that they are being robbed, and you know by how much you are robbing them: a truth remains as a judge between you. But if the demon induces you to tamper with the scale itself, it is the criterion of the true which is denatured, there is no longer any possible control. And little by little you will forget that you are cheating." Denis de Rougemont

Fact Checking Trump's Crime Statistic Tweet

Trump "University" Lawsuit Goes To Trial. Likely Outcome For Trump Bleak To Apocalyptic

Compendium Of Pax Posts About Donald Trump

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