Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump's Travel Ban On Only 7 Islamic Nations -- And Not ALL Of Them -- Is A "High Crime"

Alan: Consider Donald Trump's provable high crime.

By assuring Americans that a travel ban on 7 predominantly Islamic nations was absolutely necessary to protect citizens' life-and-limb, Trump's simultaneous failure to extend the travel ban to ALL Islamic nations represents deliberate, conscious failure to protect Americans from clear and present mortal danger even though his oath of office obliges him to take every necessary measure to protect the populace.  

Furthermore, NO act of deadly terror has ever been perpetrated in the United States by any refugee-immigrant from any of the 7 banned nations.

The Chances Of A Refugee-Terrorist Killing An American Are 3.6 Billion To 1
(... a far lower probability than being killed by a fellow American or a member of one's own family) 

On the other hand, 9/11 was planned and perpetrated by Saudi citizens who were legally in the United States, yet their country of origin was not named on Trump's travel ban.

I would very much appreciate any reasoned rationale for excluding those Islamic nations that are overwhelmingly responsible for the homeland deaths of nearly 3000 American citizens. 

Not surprisingly, Trump has significant business interests in those Islamic countries that are NOT on the list, and vanishingly little business interest in those countries that are. 

Mapping President Trump's Travel Ban Vs. His Business Interests In Muslim Countries

I will post your rationale in its unedited entirety. 

I have a feeling that no one will provide a reasonable rationale because I doubt a reasonable exists. 

However, I am always open to surprise.

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