Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump's Horrific "Roll-Out" Of Presidential Yahooism, Paranoid Hostility And Aggressive Ignorance

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VIDEO: Trump Tells More Lies Than Any U.S. Politician. Why Do "Patriots" And "Christians" Believe A Liar

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Did you see Colbert's January 20th review of The Liar's inauguration? It's not consistently great but has many good bits.

Here are some protest signs I liked from yesterday's women's march.

Photo by Slate’s Bryan Lowder

Trump might have his hands full for all four years just battling the CIA (and then, in sequence, every other government agency).

And... The Despicable One's press secretary (a piece o' work named Spicer) is already his own worst enemy. 

Like everyone else, both neons (my nomenclatural spin on Trump's version of neo-nazi) only got one chance to make a first impression and here's the pose they struck:

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(Of course, it won't be enough to alienate "Christian" "conservatives" but -- hey! -- once you're "saved!" you've got a vested interest in being an asshole... for eternity.)

Finally, I'm happy with my reply to a "critic" on John Tarantino's Facebook page. I think it's one of the best things I've written in months.

The upshot?

I'll bet long odds Democrats (both the party and as the antonym of fascist) win The Oval Office in 2020.

Pray that Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Scalia's best friend!) holds on for 1000 days. That will put us in the 4th year of Trump's presidency and Republicans themselves have established precedent that the ruling party does not have the right to name a Supreme Court Justice that close to a presidential election.

In the meantime -- and in the absence of a Putin-coordinated terror attack -- I'm almost ready to sit back and enjoy the show. 

Trump Will Go Full-Throttle Fascist After The First Major Terror Attack. 
Putin Knows This.



On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 1:06 AM, FV wrote:

Dear A , Jimbo

SNL tonight had to drive D.T. to distraction.

They ended singing To Sir With Love in front of a picture of Obama. 
If you don't remember the Lulu song from the Sidney Poitier movie check out the words. I could see Donald turning red. Interesting turn of phrase. 



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