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White Teen In BMW Hits Three Cars, Flees Scene, Assaults Cops, And Doesn't Get Shot

Sarah Culhane via Amherst dot EDU
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White teen in BMW hits three cars, assaults cop in Pennsylvania and doesn’t get shot

By David Ferguson
Saturday, September 6, 2014
A 19-year-old former high school field hockey star plowed her BMW into three cars, left the scene of the accidents and kicked a police officer in the head before being apprehended in Bensalem, Pennsylvania on Thursday morning.
According to WPVI Channel 6, Sarah Culhane from Princeton, New Jersey was arrested after 3 reported hit-and-run accidents and after she assaulted an officer who was trying to arrest her.
Bensalem police were called to the scene of an accident around 9:30 a.m. Thursday and arrived in time to see the blue BMW at fault in the crash take off from the scene. Police pursued the vehicle, but called off the pursuit to avoid a high speed chase.
Alan: In many U.S. police departments, it is standard operating procedure to "call off pursuit to avoid a high speed chase." It would be wise to codify "call off orders" for all manner of minor offenses which look like they're "getting out of hand." Let's not forget: The "crime" which eventually resulted in Michael Brown's body taking six police bullets -- the second last one in the head and only then the sixth fatal bullet -- was "jaywalking." 
The BMW struck a second vehicle at an intersection, injuring one woman, then drove away again from the scene before striking a third vehicle and coming to a rest.
Police said that Culhane bolted from her car and ran from police.
According to Philadelphia’s NBC Channel 10, Culhane fought as officers tried to take her into custody, kicking one in the head.
Culhane and the injured woman were both taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Bensalem to be treated for their injuries.
Bail for Culhane was set at $750,000, which she was unable to meet. She is currently being held at Bucks County Jail on charges of aggravated assault, accidents involving injury, resisting arrest, red light violation, driving at unsafe speed and reckless driving.
Culhane was the breakout star of her high school field hockey team and currently attends Amherst College in Massachusetts.
Watch video about this story, embedded below:
[image of Sarah Culhane via Amherst College's official website]

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