Friday, November 29, 2013

Noam Chomsky Quotations

Noam Chomsky video clip in praise of Liberation Theology


Alan: Tea Bags, for example, are certain they know and certainty lies at the heart of absolutism. 

Tea Bags (and most other contemporary "conservatives") are, for example. certain that Truth is always monopolar. 

But since Truth is typically bipolar -- up/down, right/left, hot/cold, liberal/conservative -- they are routinely wrong, even on the face of it. 

The quintessential embodiment of absolutist systems is fascism, an attempt to make Reality safer and more certain than "God" "Himself" intended Reality to be.


It used to be that conservatives worshiped the past.
Currently, conservatives despair of the future,
and in that despair, they guarantee that things cannot get better,
which, in turn, justifies their despair,
reinforcing the do-nothing, oppositional feedback loop.

"Just War" or just war?


George Carlin: "We Like War Because We're Good At It"


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To be continued...

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