Sunday, May 13, 2018

"Justin's Back! Sardine-Celery-Leaf Pasta"

Dear ones,

Here is a new recipe I've dedicated to Justin.

It's called "Justin's Back!"

And I can't believe how good it is.

As I said to Kathy in a text message: 

"I just created a recipe in Justin's honor. When I started to "conceptualize" it, I was hoping it would be good enough to serve "from time-to-time." But after eating it, I can see myself chowing down on this sardine-pasta dish a couple times a week."

My whole adult life, I have harbored an uncanny certainty that celery tops would be responsible for "Something BIG."

There is, of course, no accounting for taste -- "de gustibus non disputandum est" -- but for me, this is as big as it gets.

Of course, "Justin's Back!" tastes even better now that Justin's back!


Half pound Angel Hair (or other) pasta.

2 - 4 standard tins of sardines in oil. (For this initial preparation, I used Walmart's inexpensive "Ocean Prince Sardines in Oil.")

The largest, most leafy celery top you can find.

One medium-to-large onion.

Olive oil. 

Lawrey's Seasoned Salt.


Cook pasta.

Finely chop an entire large celery top... the bigger and leafier the better.

Although one diced medium-to-large-size onion can be sauteed and added at the very end, I like the simplicity of leaving the onion raw until the final microwave phase.

In a large pyrex bowl, mix the cooked pasta, chunked (or crumbled) sardines and diced onion with enough olive oil to amply coat the ingredients with an additional eighth of an inch of oil gathered in the bottom of the bowl.

Since "microwave cooking time" is famously variable, microwave the whole mix long enough for the onion to soften and glisten. 5 minutes?

Add finely-chopped raw celery top to the microwaved bowl of ingredients and stir until evenly distributed. (This will look like a LOT of leafy celery. Trust me: it will taste as good as it looks.)

If you sauteed the onion, add now.

Sprinkle Lawrey's Seasoned Salt to taste. 




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