Saturday, March 18, 2017

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Trump "Has Succeeded by Bullshitting"

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CNN's Fareed Zakaria: Trump "Has Succeeded by Bullshitting"

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Alan: Trump promises to "bring jobs back" and to get Mexico to "build a wall."

Neither of which will happen.

But even if they did, there is no vision - no sense of buoyancy - that "everything is possible."

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Nor do s-Trump-ets want everything to be possible.

They want security and they want material comfort and they want these things mostly for white people - and not infrequently to exclusion of dark-skinned people unless they pull themselves up by their bootstraps without any outside helpo.

At bedrock they want a constricted, constrained world (and view of the world) in which "making things impossible" is the goal. 

No entitlements.

No illegal immigrants.

No universal healthcare.

No taxes.

No foreign aid.

No public radio.

No Meals On Wheels.

No government support for the arts.

Mostly they want to make sure there is No Free Lunch.

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