Saturday, March 4, 2017

Shit-Slinger Trump Says Obama Wiretapped His Tower During Campaign. Obama Is "Bad, Sick"

Trump Accuses Obama of Wiretapping Trump Tower

 During Campaign

"Trump Orders All White House Phones Covered In Tinfoil"

The Borowitz Report

Alan: Even if Trump had evidence of wiretapping (of which there is no hint), how would he know Obama planted the bug rather than the DNC, or "Lying Ted," or "Little Marco"... or pal Putin?  

If Trump does have damning evidence that Obama was responsible for wiretapping The Tower, let's see it. 

By presenting proof, Obama's guilt would be as easily demonstrated as... say... his birth certificate. 

Speaking of which... I still want proof that Trump was born in this solar system. 

Similarly, for anyone interested in evidence that could actually un-mask a crime, it would be patriotic if Devious Donald released his tax returns so "we the people" (whom President Trump supposedly serves) can learn what those financial records reveal about his Russian dealings, or lack thereof.

There is also the matter of "presuming innocence until a person is proven guilty." 

Needless to say, American conservatives -- an increasingly deplorable demographic -- have proven their undying passion for slander, falsehood and undocumented allegations.

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