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Why Hillary's California Votes Should Be Considered More Significant Than Trump's Red Votes

Hillary Clinton Received 4.55% More Popular Votes Than Pussy Grabber | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Why Hillary's California Votes Should Be Considered More Significant Than Trump's Red Votes

As you may know, for the last 19 years I have taught a Spanish class for interested North Carolina adults. 

For two and a half hours after every Monday night gathering, student/friend Byron and I drink red wine while discussing all manner of things. 

Last night, California entered the conversation.

Having lived in Berkeley, Oakland and Montclair for 12 years, I praised the state's progressiveness, its successful ethnic integration-socialization-collaboration and its astonishing innovation/productivity which I largely attribute to the successful collaboration of diverse people with very different cultural and "racial" backgrounds. 

If ever there were a melting pot, it's Silicon Valley! 

And if central valley farmers are like farmers in my neck of the woods, they are existentially grateful for latino laborers -and not one of them cares squat whether their braceros are legal or illegal. 

I also note that California is overwhelmingly "blue" yet, bizarrely, many Americans - particularly "alternative facts" folk - attach no significance to "the fact" that Hillary received 4.56% more popular votes than Deplorable Donald - the lousy-ratings-loser who co-authored Abomicare, then failed to "close The Deal" with members of his own party!?! 

Aside: Is it possible to be more inept? The GOP had 7 years to devise "a real terrific plan" that would "provide great healthcare at a tiny fraction of the cost." Routinely - and consistent with its middle school epistemology - it appears that The Republican Party's real passion is passing gas. There's nothing their but vapor (and supposedly lofty principles) ... but boy does it feel good.

Those who dismiss Hillary's decisive popular vote victory say, "Yeah, but all those votes came from California." 

In my view, California votes should be given significantly MORE value than red state votes since California is a REALLY successful polity with the world's 6th largest economy, whereas the states that comprise Trump's "Base" are often America's domestic version of "failed states." 

Notably, Obamacare works unusually well in California because The Golden State "took the bull by the horns" rather than engage the obstructionism characteristic of red "moocher" states, all of which - in their persistent benightedness - refused to expand Medicaid and did every other damn thing possible to drag their feet. (I will note in passing that the word "Satan" derives from a Hebrew word meaning "to obstruct, to oppose, to act as an adversary.")

Notably, Californians are now talking about devising their own state-wide single payer healthcare system (a system Trump himself has repeatedly praised, singling out Canada and Scotland as stellar examples) while the dimwitted red states double down on their desire to devolve healthcare to the private sector which - whatever benefits for-profit insurance companies may provide their privileged white clients - has, for a century, proven itself totally incapable of even pretending to enact universal healthcare which is why the Congressional Budget Office announced that 24 million Americans would soon lose health insurance by virtue of Abomicare's privatization scheming). 

"The Hard, Central Truth Of Contemporary Conservatism"

I have no sympathy for these bozos whose political success (such as it is) derives from the deliberate propagation of ignorance, falsehood and pharisaic hypocrisy. 

Not surprisingly, these white people (mostly white "Christians") elected Bozo-In-Chief as the only candidate who could make them "feel right at home." 

Used car salesman that he is -- remember "Trump University?" -- he literally sold his Base "newly created swampland" smack dab on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

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