Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Response To An Astonishing View Expressed By A Staunch Conservative

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LPM: I don't believe a thing CNN writes nor telecasts until I see the real truth. CNN ABC NBC CNBC all those far left stations just have diarrhea of their mouths just to make news whether true or not!! So sorry I will not believe what your station has to say!!!

Alan Archibald Often, there is a fine line between "won't believe" and "can't believe." Most humans will do anything to avoid admitting they've been wrong - or worse yet, duped -- particularly on "articles of faith." This is why "identity politics" is so powerful, for once we lose our identity (however ill-informed it may be) we confront a psycho-spiritual menace that appears worse than physical death. Tragically, the longer we've been wrong, the more difficult it becomes to acknowledge Truth. I will also mention that it is increasingly important to familiarize ourselves with "confirmation bias." As time goes on, a modicum of scientific understanding is pre-requisite for responsible citizenship.

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