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Vanishingly Remote Risk Of Terrorism (Coupled With Racial Prejudice) Evokes Fascist Takeover

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Alan: The foremost appeal of fascism is the promise that an autocratic leader will take every repressive measure necessary to eliminate danger, thus making the sheeple safe.

But are really in danger? Getting behind the wheel of a car is many thousands of times more dangerous than the threat of terrorist carnage on American soil. In fact, driving a car is the single most dangerous thing we do every day.

The fundamental delusion of fascism (and fascists) is that danger can be eliminated by oppression or, for that matter, by any other means. 

Danger cannot, under any circumstance, be eliminated.

To some significant extent, Life, by its nature, is risky business.

In a sane society it is necessary to assess risk and then take reasonable measures that offer real promise of containing risk in a statistically meaningful way.

Here in the United States, more Americans are killed by toddlers than terrorists.

Here in the United States, nine (9) times as many Americans are killed by cops as are killed by terrorists.

Ask yourself this question.

Do you (or any of your friends, relatives, acquaintances) directly know someone who was killed (or injured) by a terrorist?

Now ask yourself this question.

Do you (or any of your friends, relatives, acquaintances) know someone who was killed (or injured) in an automobile accident.

And finally, consider this.

In western Europe, the number of people killed in car crashes per mile traveled is half the number in the United States. By imitating Western Europe's traffic laws (and other traffic practices) we could cut the number of American road fatalities by 17,500 (and probably reduce the number of significant vehicular injuries by 150,000).

Will you - or anyone you know - lift a finger to impede this preventable carnage?


We terrorize ourselves in those domains where we are most viscerally triggered - "facts" be damned.

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Remember: If you're terrified, the terrorists won.
And you made their victory possible.

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