Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump Will Go Full-Throttle Fascist Following The 1st Major Terror Attack. Putin Knows This

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Self-Terrorized Right-Wingers Will Cheer The End Of Democracy.
They're Cheering It Already.

Self-Terrorization, The National Pastime

Alan: Despite a large body of circumstantial evidence, I do not believe 9/11 was a false flag attack designed by plutocratic "insiders" to undermine American democracy.

Here is how I "thought my way around" this epistemological trap. 

Because it would take only one large-scale terror attack (with perhaps as few as 150 dead) to rally the nation around fascist "takeover," the fact that no such attack has taken place in the 15 years following 9/11 makes it completely implausible (by my lights) that the presumed co-conspirators behind 9/11 would not have "followed through." 

I see no persuasive explanation for delay. 

"Strike while the iron is hot!" (Or, more crudely put: "What coital couple on the very verge of climax would suddenly desist?")

If there were a conspiratorial game plan, it would have been consummated during the Bush administration itself.  

However, when the next large-scale terror attack does occur -- as is likely during Trump's presidency -- The Plutopath will clamp down in ways reminiscent of Mussolini and Hitler. 

Donald himself has said as much. 

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Trump's Most Egregious, In-Your-Face Fascist Declaration: "We're Going To Have To Do Things..."

Significantly, Trump's pal Putin -- who has an abundance of untraceable wealth and underworld ties with which to buy any nefarious service he wants -- is able and eager to orchestrate that attack. 

Nothing would please Putin more than to eliminate the vestiges of American democracy by concretizing its de facto kleptocracy, ratifying "forevermore" plutocrats' already vise-like grip on power.  

The moment Putin "pulls the trigger," he will awaken his Manchurian Candidate. 

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