Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump Attacked "Lying" Senator Who Relayed Gorsuch Criticism. Gorsuch Confirmed Criticism

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Trump Falsely Accuses Senator Of Misrepresenting Gorsuch Criticism

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Calls Trump's Attacks On Judiciary Demoralizing

Alan: The question is no longer: "Does Trump have a loose screw?" 

The question is: "Are all his screws loose?" 

Trump's first line of defense is to lie, deny, falsely assert or concoct "alternative facts" whenever Reality contradicts Donald's political pragmatism, providing the nation (and the world) with a ringside seat to the workings of a grievously disturbed mind.

From the beginning it was clear that Trump had slandered Gorsuch's confidante, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, for relaying the Supreme Court nominee's description of the president's view that the judiciary is "corrupt" as "disheartening" and "demoralizing."

We now know incontrovertibly that Gorsuch DID make those comments because Gorsuch's spokesperson -- appointed by The White House!?! -- confirmed the fact.

Trump's lifelong determination to "double down" on falsehood when confronting Inconvenient Truths has its roots in his apprenticeship under Sen. Joe McCarthy's vile lawyer, Roy Cohn. In the 7 decades since McCarthy, Trump embodies the only existential threat to the survival of an open society, and furthermore couples that threat to the real possibility of fascist clamp-down.

Sen. Joe McCarthy's Lawyer Roy Cohn Taught Trump To Be A Cutthroat SOB

Trump Will Go Full-Throttle Fascist Following The First Major Terror Attack.
Putin Knows This.

Trump has all the hallmarks of an autocratic sociopath and, what's worse, he is the "spitting image" of his supporters, half of whom Hillary rightly-categorized as "deplorable."

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Scott Pelley Opens "CBS Eveing News" By Calling Trump "Divorced From Reality"

"What If A President Loses Control?"
My Letter To A Retired Air Force General Friend

This Defilement Of The Flag Is Worse Than Burning It

"Alternative Facts" And Moral Rot: Team Trump Tells Brazen Lies, Hoping Supporters Are Stupid

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