Friday, January 27, 2017

"Corpse Evangelists" And The End-Time Decadence Of Make-Believe Christians

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Dear Tig,

I think you'll enjoy "Christians Tired Of Being Misrepresented." 

Back in the day I could deal with Christianity's authoritarian inclination which occasionally degenerated into formalized fascism - Italy, Argentina, Guatemala. 

Although it is probably a red herring to mention Hitler's cradle Catholicism, there it is. For what it's worth. 

In any event, it is incontrovertible that Catholicism has a VERY checkered relationship with Judaism and Jewry, even though its founder was a practicing Jew as were the authors of every book in the New Testament but two. (25 of 27 books is the customary count.)

It was Thug-Pope Paul IV who first locked Jews in ghettos and made them wear identifying garments - the same pope whom many Catholic conservatives now revere as the author of antediluvian-but-supposedly-infallible comments such as his (in)famous dictum: "Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus" - "Outside the (Catholic) Church there is no salvation."

Nowadays, it feels like I'm branded with the indelible mark of these manifestly lunatic people who prefer Armageddon to compromise, absolutely certain they are God's Exceptional gift to humankind.

Increasingly, I conceive God as an ironist for despite the trumpeted pretenses of "The Saved!" we are living in a political madhouse almost entirely of their making.

"Let's Just Say It: The Republicans Are The Problem"
Conservative Scholar Norman Ornstein
The American Enterprise Institute

And now, as we move into The Post-Truth Era (oh yeah... this is gonna end well) these mad, self-righteously vengeful people elect a solipsistic sociopath as their political (and religious) savior.

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Best Photographic Evidence Of Trump Inaugural Crowd Size 

Viewed From The Swearing-In Stage And From The Washington Monument

It is surpassingly difficult to refrain from the use of expletives when talking - as honestly as I can - about these despicable "Christians," whom, often through no fault of their own, have been terminally mislead, as Bob Dylan put it, by "corpse evangelists."

I imagine Saint Peter at The Pearly Gates familiarizing himself with the acronym, "WTF."



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