Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Reprise: Red State Moocher Links: Time For "The Confederates" To Look In The Mirror

Alan: A disproportionate number of red staters are so ill-informed that they don't realize they themselves are America's foremost moochers.

To the contrary. 

They are rock-solid certain that they are NOT moochers.

The moochers come "from somewhere else."

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  6. Pax on both houses - Having Their Cake & Eating It Too
    1. Red States Slurp at Federal Trough - Pax on both houses - Blogger
    2. Pax on both housesThe Bible Belt Benefits Most From Obamacare
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    This is exactly how it works. | Collects disability, gets free Obamacare that controls his diabetes, gets food stamps and heating assistance, receives section 8 that pays his trailer park rent, and has a designated handicap spot for his car outside his trailer, but, he will vote Republican because he wants his country back!:

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