Thursday, January 26, 2017

Donald Trump's White "Christian" Appeal

Alan: During the 2016 presidential campaign, white Americans saw Trump as the only candidate who reflected themselves. He was angry, miserly, egotistical and punitive.

At bedrock, the plutopath was prepared to deny reality/science, contradict truth and devise whole-cloth falsehoods "in the name of righteousness."

Now that Devious Donald has been elected we even have a name for "Team Trump's" relationship with Truth: "Alternative Facts."

When historians develop their settled view of this madness, they will concur on another curious characteristic - how this v vile man was championed by so many Christians -- specifically white Christians -- while few dark-skinned Christians opposed him overwhelmingly.

Along with Trump's rapid demise as figure of political importance, I see reason to believe that conservative Christians' support for Trump will signal their definitive decline as a political force and as an epistemological trap that deludes people into the promotion of feelings, attitudes and passions that would make Yeshua puke.

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