Sunday, January 29, 2017

"A Dangerously Isolated President," The New Yorker

Alan: I keep a few dozen quotations in deep memory.

One of them I found in a book by Episcopalian minister and Jungian psychologist John Sanford, "Evil: The Shadow Side Of Reality." 

According to Sanford, "Isolation is the breeding ground of evil"... and Trump serves as a textbook example.

Within his D.C. bubble (or NYC tower) Trump relies disproportionately on Chief White House Strategist - and newly-elevated National Security Council member - Steve Bannon, a white supremacist anti-Semite who impressed me from the get-go as an evidently sick man. 

Trump is also sick, but being a gifted, well-practiced sociopath from The Ted Bundy Charm School, he has an extraordinary knack for disguising his psycho-spiritual ruin.

I encourage you to bone up on Bannon. He has Trump's ear, Trump's confidence and Trump's esteem. It is widely believed that Bannon is authoring Trump's executive orders. Whether or not that is true, taken together they are "explosive" and "detonator."
A Dangerously Isolated President

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