Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Now That Trump's "Twin" Has Assumed The Phillipine Presidency, 100s Are Showing Up Dead

Protests erupt over deadly anti-drug policy of the Philippines' new president

In Uncommon Times, Common Sense Is Folly

Alan: My working hypothesis is that appeals to "common sense" are pragmatic political disguises for people who are evil or stupid. 

Most often, appeals to "common sense" are made by evil people (or at least "scoundrels"), and those same appeals are most eagerly applauded by stupid people.

Not infrequently, evil people are themselves too stupid to realize that their presumed virtue is, in fact, vility.

Each in his own way rationalizes what he does as good... or at least innocuous.

For example...

Before he was jailed, I knew the only person in North Carolina to be charged with "slavery" since the Civil War. 

In his mind, he saw himself providing "good construction jobs" to Mexican workers who wouldn't otherwise have those jobs.

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