Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"The Basement Tapes"

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Dear David,

I use Band Camp as a musical "catch all."

Within the limitations of my handheld digital recorder -- a Tascam DR-5 -- I post a lot of stuff on Band Camp just to keep a musical record. 

Here is the song I mentioned during this afternoon's phone conversation where our ending is so "perfect" that all seven of us fall dead silent for 5 full seconds after we finish. While walking this evening, it occurred to me that our ending to "All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down" is the equivalent of an Olympic gymnast doing a perfect "spike" at the end of "her" routine.

All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
(Since I did not have a "dedicated mic" for this take, my voice is only picked up secondarily.)

Many of the recordings I've posted on Band Camp are duo work with Danny under our "performance name" of "Caribou." Many of these performances are "beginners' efforts" but I want to archive them in one place so Danny can access them over time... and so both of us can measure our progress together.

That said, a couple songs that Danny and I do (as "Caribou") are pretty darn good - including our version of Hotel California - a song I NEVER thought suited my voice. 

Turns out I love singing it, and that Danny (who had only been playing guitar for 5-6 months when we recorded it) loves playing Hotel, and we both synergize around it.

Hotel California

Although much of 19 MFD's best material is posted on Sound Cloud (where I have run out of "free space"), there are a number of good tracks on Band Camp (especially among the first 15 recordings).

Here is the Sound Cloud link:

And here is compilation of decent material culled from both Sound Cloud and Band Camp:

Learning To Fly

Run Through The Jungle

"Come Together" and "Wooly Bully"


Wagon Wheel

Stuck In The Middle With You

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Li'l Red Riding Hood

Evil Ways

No Expectations
(I'm going to stop "trilling" the last word of each couplet)

"Hey Bartender" and "The Ballad Of John and Yoko"

Ticket To Ride

Tired of Waiting

Folsom Prison Blues


Spit of Love
(Featuring Gilly Bryant who is en route to mastering this Bonnie Rait song)


Take 2

Evil Woman

Who Will Comfort Me?

Baby Now That I've Found You
Build My World Around You

Make You Feel My Love
Friday Night Jazz Orchestra

If I Didn't Know Better... But Dammit I Do

(This rendition of Hallelujah has some great parts and some sorry-ass parts where I just can't keep up with the free-form of Friday Night Jazz Orchestra. Overall I think you'll like it.)

Space Oddity
Friday Night Jazz Orchestra

Spunky Monkey

Day Tripper

Somebody To Love

From The Beginning

I'm Going Down

Oh Shenandoah



PS Our first studio album will drop before Halloween. I'm taking orders:

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