Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Reaction To Growing Praise For The Mafia's War On Immigration At A Sicilian Friend's Site

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Mussolini and mistress at the end

Excerpt: H.G. Wells' Prophecy
Benito Mussolini, with a surfeit of bad history decaying in his imagination, could not see the plain realities before him. Like most of his generation he dramatised human affairs in incurably geographical patches, and like most of the masterful men of his time his belief in his power to mould the life about him carried him beyond sanity. From the beginning his was an ill-balanced temperament; he would be blatant at one moment, and weeping at another. He beat at the knees of Mother Reality like an unteachable child. He wanted war and conquest, triumph over definable enemies, fierce alliances, and unforgettable antagonisms. He wanted glory. He died, as his last words testify, completely unaware of the fact that the rational treatment of human affairs does not admit of that bilaterality which the traditions of warfare require. "Do we win?" he said. He persuaded himself and he persuaded great multitudes of people that two great systems of ideas faced each other in the world, "Leftism" and "Rightism", and that he and his associated Dictators embodied the latter. He did contrive finally to impose the illusion of a definitive World War upon great masses of people.
MAFIA bosses have ‘declared war’ on migrants and a man was shot in the head as thousands of new refugees pour into their Sicilian paradise each day.

Alan Archibald Pope Francis has excommunicated all mafiosi, saying: "corruption stinks." The atavistic impulse whereby people applaud the Mafia's "war on immigration" is identitcal to the impulse of Trump supporters who think his "war on immigration" will make things better. Mussolini was typical of this "breed." First, he appealed to the people by directing threats of violence at "the opposition"; then, once his violent modus operandi was established, it needed to be both maintained and "enhanced." As night follows day, the Italian people found themselves in the same fascist bed with Adolf Hitler. And predictably, they were worse off by the end of "Il Duce Bag's" rule than they were at the beginning: shafted by a macho alpha dog who promised to be their "savior" when, at bottom, he was a posturing punk in whose minuscule mind the expansion of personal power was everything. (Side note... Pope Pius XI acclaimed Mussolini "the man of Providence.)

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