Friday, December 11, 2015

Solzhenitsyn On Evil... And Why ISIS Is Paradoxically Satisfying

Alan: As I age, I am increasingly aware that "the natural order" has "conspired" to obscure many truths from the young who, could they believe in the fates that would befall them -- grief, tragedy, disillusionment and human perversity/monstrosity -- would choose not to perpetuate the species. 

Indeed, all the ills and adversity that come our way - both socially and politically - often come "packaged" in our children themselves. 

To distract us from our too frequent fates, the Universal Determination to "carry on" blinds us with the burning intensity of sex.

We ourselves also resort to the incandescent intensity of hatred and violence and ever prone to the scotomization of hysteria, feel the satisfying confirmation of "righteousness" whenever we confront those monsters who are manifestly evil. 

At least as an aside, it must be mentioned that the definition of "manifestly evil" is complicated by the inconvenient truth that "one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist." Contrast British "redcoats" and camouflaged "Minutemen" who disdained accepted "rules of engagement" to act as human equivalents of roadside IEDs. If a minuscule portion of the damage wreaked on Iraq by the United States had been perpetrated on the United States by Iraq, American patriots would have responded with no-holds-barred violence to make ISIS look like Mother Teresa. 

Bush's Toxic Legacy In Iraq

In the end, the addling passion of sex justifies itself, while we, of our own volition, proceed to justify the violence of hatred by letting our "shadow" darken "the other guy," preferably "over there" and "far away."

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