Monday, October 26, 2015

Do American "Conservatives" Only Celebrate Paranoid Fantasies And Armageddon Wet Dreams?

"Since God Doesn't Heal Amputees, Humankind Will: The Future Of Christian Theology"

"Do Republicans Do Anything But Piss, Moan, Whine, Bitch?

Dear Fred,

Thanks for the Good News!

Do you think American "conservatives" will 1.) believe "the news," and 2.) celebrate it if they do?

Good Manichaeans that they are, I think many conservatives want the human condition to worsen so they can finally have "The Cosmic Showdown" between Good and Evil.

We overlook the remarkable fact that Manichaeism once rivaled Christianity in the ideo-spiritual competition to replace classical paganism

Lamentably, the corrupting influence of Manichaeism on Christianity -- particularly Christian conservatism -- is incalculable.

Ironically, "The Good Christians" are unaware of their substantive heresy and inter-related adoration of a false god.



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Good news in this national review story by Kevin Williamson

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