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South Carolina "Gun Hoarder" Had More Than 7000 Stolen Firearms, Police Say

Brent Nicholson

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South Carolina man, 'gun hoarder,' had more than 7,000 stolen firearms, police say

Erin Edgemon
Between 7,000 and 10,000 stolen guns were seized over the weekend at a Pageland, S.C. house and warehouse.

The Chesterfield County, S.C. Sheriff's Office arrested the owner of the house, Brent Nicholson, in connection to the stolen goods, WBTV reported. The exact charges are unknown at this time.

Police described Nicholson as a "gun hoarder" who hired others to steal guns for him. There's no evidence he ever sold of any of the stolen firearms.

The vast majority of the weapons are hunting rifles and shotguns.

The seizure is part of an ongoing investigation involving multiple states and law enforcement agencies.

The raid was conducted after deputies went to Nicholson's home on Friday to serve a subpoena and noticed what appeared to be stolen goods in his front yard.

Nicholson was arrested earlier last week for trafficking opium and heroin. No details on this arrest were provided.

The stolen guns filled one tractor-trailer, police say, and the recovered ammunition filled another. Other recovered items include 150 chainsaws, four-wheelers and taxidermy supplies.

According to the report, agents will go through the recovered items piece-by-piece starting on Monday. They hope to return the stolen goods to their owners.

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