Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders: In America, "Fraud Is A Business Model"

Alan: Not only is "fraud a business model," paying multi-billion dollar fines is "baked into" the strategic planning of most big corporations and is written off as "the cost of doing business." 

To Joe Blow, "billions" sounds like a lot o' money.

But to corporate America, billions are the coins lost in the couch cushions.

Relative to the ungodly profits wrought by fraud, "billions paid in fines" constitutes a single digit business expense when viewed as a percentage of fraudulent earnings.

As long as corporate felons are not held accountable with actual prison time they would be fools not to act like the criminals they are.

In the metier of Fortune 500 America, multi-billion dollar fines are no skin off anyone person's nose since the cost is passed along to consumers and shareholders.

Profits are personal but losses are "socialized."

Best of all, multi-billion dollar fines insure that the felons behind corporate criminality never go to prison.

They have carte blanche and know their wallets are stuffed with "Get out of jail free" cards.

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