Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mass Mailing: AT&T Ad About The Bloodcurdling Consequences Of Texting-While-Driving


I wrote this email several months ago.

Yesterday, while pulling into north Durham's Compare Food, I recalled my unsent message.

The van ahead of me displayed a split bumper sticker, its two component parts separated by the license plate. 

On the left side of the plate, the sticker read: "If you love Jesus, honk." 

On the right side, it said: "If you want to see Jesus, text."

Here is the email I composed back in July...

If anyone you know has been tempted to look at a cellphone while driving, please share the following link.

This public service announcement is powerful enough to change the behavior of people who text or chat while driving.

Not all of them, but some. 

Progress not perfection. 


At 35 mph, you travel more than a third of a football field in 2 seconds. 

At 50 mph you travel half a football field in 2 seconds.

"It Can Wait": AT&T Ad About Bloodcurdling Consequences Of Texting-While-Driving



PS No one was hurt in the filming of this ad and you see neither blood nor wound.

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