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The Thinking Housewife's Deluded Belief That "Black Violence Has Gotten Worse"

Michael Brown's body lying on a Ferguson, Missouri street,
 50 yards - half a football field - from Officer Darren Wilson's car.
Michael Brown's body lay on this street for three hours.
You know. 
Just like white bodies.

"White People Think They Suffer More Discrimination Than Black People"
Dear Fred,

The Thinking Housewife's "Ferguson Riots" asserts that "black violence has gotten worse under the reign of judicial leniency and concepts of racist injustice."

This is not true - except in the mind of anyone whose belief system feels existentially threatened and therefore compelled to trump demonstrable fact with faith-based fiction.


Black violence spiked under Ronald Reagan; plummeted under Bill Clinton; and despite The Great Recession has remained low under Barack Obama.

Since the mid-nineties, violent crime in the United States has fallen by half - and more! 

"Violent Crime In New York City Becoming Rare," New York Times

Indeed, violent crime rates under Barack HUSSEIN Obama's socialist-Muslim-job-destroying, anti-freedom regime remain half what they were after spiking sharply under Republican Hero/Saint, Ronald Reagan, America's only divorced-and-remarried president, whose adulterous wife, Nancy, (at least as Jesus defines adultery in The Gospel of Markscheduled Ronnie's Oval Office appointments according to counsel from the Reagan family astrologer. 

The Party of Family Values and Christian Tradition!


"The Thinking Housewife" And The Normalization Of America's Only Divorced President

"Mormonism Is Not A Christian Religion. Founding Prophet Joseph Smith Was A Sex Pervert"

New York Times: It's Official. Mormon Founder, Joseph Smith, Had Up To 40 Wives

Polygamy Is Legal In Utah Again

Furthermore, America's steeply declining violent crime rate applies to blacks and whites alike.

Note that American whites commit murder at five-to-ten times the rate of nearly every west European country. (Finland is a notable exception.) 

This discrepancy between white Americans' fondness for killing and their European counterparts is the same statistical difference between black American homicide rates and white American homicide rates. 

If Laura wishes to condemn American blacks for their relative homicidal excess, it is similarly reasonable to apply equal ardor to the condemnation of white American murderousness relative to Europe's deadly mayhem.

With this relativity in mind, it is not even necessary to recall the zealous carnage perpetrated by white American foreign policy makers whose most notable achievement has been perpetual -- and perpetually stupid -- war-making, resulting in a world manifestly less secure the very moment Dubyah's ignorance and egocentrism conjoined to kick "the hornet's nest." 

The wrong hornet's nest!


Homicide Trends In The United States, 1980 - 2008. Homicide Trends By Race. See page 11:  Statistics from U.S. Department of Justice:

In related vein, see the collapsing rate of abortion. "Abortion Is Now As Rare As It Was When Roe v. Wade Was Decided"


The following "comment thread" from The Thinking Housewife's "Ferguson" post is doubly notable: 1.) For the lunatic 2nd Amendment Evangelists attracted by her seemingly "soft" version of White Supremacy, and 2.) her admirably prudent observation that American police (or at least those in Ferguson) should "be trained" to avoid hasty resort to deadly force. 

Once Wilson had been assaulted he should have staid in his car, calling for backup, not chasing Michael Brown fifty yards down the street. 

Although the parallel is inexact, it is nonetheless notable that many U.S. police jurisdictions have "standing orders" that officers not pursue suspected (or known) criminals escaping in high-speed automobiles. 

Or how about the simple expedient of taking a photograph, yet another reason police should wear body cameras.

"Restrictive Pursuit Policies" - Why High-Speed Police Chases Are Going Away

"Study: Cops Not Wearing Body Cameras Are Twice As Likely To Use Deadly Force"

"The Question Is Not Whether Darren Wilson Behaved Legally. He Did. The Question..."

Perfesser Plum writes:
So many lessons to live by.
1.  Paraphrasing Doren, “If you live by the Skittle, you die by the Skittle.”
2.  When out for your evening constitutional, don’t walk in the street like some kind of Hoosier.  Use the sidewalk… a normal person. (Alan: Not many people are aware that Michael Brown's original infraction was jaywalking. Here's a Truthful Headline: "Unarmed Black Jaywalker, 17, Shot Dead By White Arresting Officer.")
3.  When a cop aims a .40 caliber at your head, say, “Oh, Hi!”  and charge the other way.
4.  If you just robbed a man of cigars, don’t be waving them around like a two year old with an all-day sucker. Or a Hoosier.  Put them in your pocket.
5.  The short kid always gets away.  Try to be that short kid.
6.  If a cop has his door open, just leave it that way.  If he wants it shut, he’ll do it himself.
7.  If you bully your way into the cop car, don’t immediately punch the cop in the face.  No one likes a rude guest.
8.  Don’t make a cop shoot you 10 times.  Ammunition doesn’t grow on trees.  Instead, say, “Okie dokie, Smokey,” as you gently lower yourself to the ground.

Alan: Note the rhetorical genius of "Ammunition doesn't grow on trees." Okie dokie!

"Bad Black People." Why Bill O'Reilly Is Wrong Even When He's Right

"Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography"

Nov. 27, 2014
Laura writes:
In thinking about Wilson’s testimony, I find it difficult to understand why an armed officer could not better deal with an aggressive, unarmed 18-year-old than Wilson did that day. I understand that Michael Brown was out of control, but aren’t policemen trained to deal with that kind of thing?
Yes, Michael Brown was charging toward him. But he was already shot. It’s hard to believe he could have killed Wilson in that condition. After the encounter in the car, why didn’t Wilson wait for backup and not try to then arrest Brown alone?
By questioning this, I am not saying that the riots were justified.

Paul writes:
The reason the officer kept firing is he was in a sudden emergency, a legal defense in probably all but a few states.  You can’t expect a human being to respond dispassionately while in a life or death situation/emergency.  I would have emptied one of my pistols on this charging monster.
I was surprised to hear the caliber was 0.40.  For many years, the stupid police forces used the 9 mm (about 0.35 caliber) Glocks because of the large number of rounds in the clip: supposed firepower, a key to combat.  But they had no stopping power.  I knew they needed a 0.357 magnum or a 0.45 APC.  I have both.  Either would have dropped Brown with one round, two at most.  A 357 will penetrate an engine block.  The Model 1911 APC 45 round (taking its name from the year) will penetrate a four-by-four piece of lumber, which I have verified and which the American military used for decades and which I got from my Marine father who fought across the Pacific hand to hand.  Maybe professionals would dispute me about effectiveness in police situations.  The reliable 45 semi-auto was invented by the brilliant John Browning, who invented a number of famous reliable hand weapons. See About Face by Colonel David Hackworth, who extolled the BAR, the Browning Automatic Rifle, a precursor to the assault rifle, invented by the Germans in WWII with Hitler’s close support.
Too little too late for Hitler, thank God. It was the Sturmgewehr.
"Ferguson Riots," The Thinking Housewife

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