Monday, December 29, 2014

NYT Wins "Selective Outrage Award." It All Depends On Who Pulls The Trigger

Selective Outrage Award: New York Times

The New York Times (7/22/14 [18]) took a firm editorial position when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine, allegedly by Russian-backed separatists: "Whoever unleashed a lethal missile not knowing how to distinguish between a military and a civilian plane is not only irresponsible and stupid, but a war criminal."

The Times (7/5/88 [19]) took an equally firm, but diametrically opposed, editorial position when the US Navy shot down Iran Air 655 over the Persian Gulf: “While horrifying, it was nonetheless an accident. On present evidence, it’s hard to see what the Navy could have done to avoid it.”

A few years earlier, when the Soviet Union shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007, the Times (9/2/83 [20]) sounded a lot like it did about the Malaysian plane: "There is no conceivable excuse for any nation shooting down a harmless airliner." Unless, of course, that nation is the United States. [21]

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