Monday, December 29, 2014

What's Up? Seriously. What On Earth?!?

DID you know the Persians and Chinese made maps with the South Pole/Antarctic in the 'North' err, at the top of the world?

So is this a map of the world to come?

An upside down world...after the POLE REVERSAL?

But the world map should be oriented this way right now.


If I asked you to put the word positive on this map where would you put it?

Most folks see positive as UP or ABOVE, as in heaven.

If I asked you to put the word negative on this map where would you put it?

Most folks see negative as DOWN or BELOW, as in hell.

In a way this UPSIDE DOWN WORLD MAP is correct if discussing the magnetic field that surrounds the earth.

Because as this next image clearly shows the energy ENTERS the earth in the NORTHern hemisphere (near Greenland) and EXITS from the SOUTH,

 i.e. the Antarctica.


But this site can fill you in better than me. :arrow:

It appears that the continents are drifting toward the NORTH POLE?
So what do you think, does it appear that the continents are drifting toward the NORTH POLE, clearly since the days of Pangaea they have been
 moving away from each other...toward the north?


Gravity makes the upside down world look like it is sagging.
Note how most of the earthly mass appears to be SETTLING in the northern hemisphere, err I mean the bottom of the map...



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Here is something to blow your mind... 

In space, there is no up or down. There really no point of reference to use as a basis of up or down other than an arbitrary selection of preference. Therefore, why should North be on top? Maps are made to show the world as referenced by your native land, So if you are a European map maker, you would want your country on top. You would want your country to be big so everyone can see it and know exactly where it was. Thats why most maps have the industrialized Western nations on top and made bigger than what they really are. In reality, Europe is tiny compared to South America or Africa. Australia is huge but since it sits right close to a bunch of countries with brown people in them, they tend to shrink that island as well.

.....anyone here can cite me a website that definitively shows which direction the earth moves around the sun (clockwise or counter-clockwise)?

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