Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New York City Cops Walk Off The Job: Grow Up Guys. Criticism Is Baked In

50 Police Officers Shot & Killed In 2014. Huge, Steady Decline Since 1970s

"The US Murder Rate Is On Track To Be Lowest In A Century"

New York cops walk off the job. Data suggest that New York police officers have almost entirely stopped enforcing public order in the past week, apparently because they don't think the public appreciates the value of their work. Traffic citations, for example, are down 94 percent. The cops should learn to handle criticism and get back on the beat. The New York Times.

FRIEDERSDORF: Conservatives must condemn police insubordination. "What's unfolding in New York City is, at its core, a public employee union using overheated rhetoric and emotional appeals to rile public employees into insubordination." The Atlantic.

DAVIDSON: It's not clear what the police want, exactly. Gentrification has transformed New York, and the city has become much safer, but the police haven't adjusted. "Suddenly places they didn’t want to patrol are places they can hardly afford to live on an officer’s salary. Their dismay may be understandable. But it should not be enraging." The New Yorker.

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