Monday, December 29, 2014

Argentina's President Adopts Boy To End Werewolf Curse

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Argentina's President Adopts Boy to End Werewolf Curse

Argentina's President Christina Fernández de Kirchner had a "magical moment" last week when she ended a young man's werewolf curse — that is, if you believe South American folklore.
Kirchner shared photos from a Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony on her blog, and described "adopting" a young man named Yair Tawil. He is the seventh son of his family, and because of that, was supposedly cursed to become a werewolf on every full moon after his 13th birthday — unless he is adopted by another family. According to legend, seventh daughters become witches.
Enter Argentina's presidents, who since 1907 have been adopting — symbolically, anyway — seventh children so that their families can avoid the superstitious stigma of having a "cursed" child. The practice has traditionally involved Catholic children, but that was changed by presidential decree in 2009.
Under Argentine law, seventh children adopted by the president receive a gold medal and an education scholarship until they turn 21. Last Tuesday's ritual was the first time someone of the Jewish faith was adopted by a president. Yair's parents, Shlomo and Nehama Tawil, had first written a letter asking that their seventh son be adopted in 1993, when he was born, reported the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.
In a series of tweets, Kirchner called the ceremony "magical" and the Tawils a "marvelous family."


— Erik Ortiz

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