Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tied Vote In Oregon... And An Eye-Popping Story Of How "Every Vote Counts"

Alan: A relatively unmentioned "tragedy" in The Democratic Party is that an unusually high number of its members do not vote. 

The modern Republican Party on the other hand, despite its traditional registration disadvantage, turns out the vote so effectively that, ever since The National Lunacy began on 9/11, a disproportionate number of stupid people have ruled The "United" States.

John Stuart Mill (19th Century Philosopher) on conservatives then and now. "Without deviation from the norm progress is not possible" —Frank Zappa.

Footnote: Please take a moment to recall that Dick Cheney and George W. Bush --- who ignored "hair-on-fire" intelligence briefings that a massive al Qaida attack was imminent within the United States --- were the Republicans "on watch" when The Twin Towers came down. But let's talk about Benghazi and Hillary's missing emails...

Despite "Hair On Fire" Intelligence Briefings, Bush Ignored Intel Concerning Imminent Attack

ZERO VOTES! That’s the difference in one local election here right now.
The election that could shift the balance of power in Lane County, OR away from right-wing corporate shills is dead even: 4,499 votes to 4,499 votes at the moment, three hours after polls closed.
Voting in local elections is hugely important in our lives and the lives of economically and socially vulnerable people in our communities.

Jerry Samaniego As of this AM Heather Buch has pulled ahead by 89 votes. Since no candidate got a majority in that race, it looks like a run-off in Nov.

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