Sunday, May 13, 2018

My Reply To Frog Hospital's Fred Owen's Facebook Post Concerning Trump, Hatred And Humility

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I don't hate Trump. I am afraid of him. It is not hatred, it is fear. I fear Trump the way I fear a maniac driver on the freeway, driving fast, switching lanes, tailgating. I fear that kind of driver and likewise I fear Trump.
But he is lucky. Kim wants to talk. I am glad they are talking, but there will be no end to the bragging if they reach an accord. "Only I could have made this deal," he will say. He lacks humility.

My Reply To Fred:
I was surprised how my soul stirred at your words: "I do not hate Trump." Exactly! 

I have not even been tempted to hate this pitiable, shrunken man, regardless my opposition to almost everything he promotes. (Truth be told, The Deplorable One was spot-on in his acid-throwing condemnation of The Iraq War which will be recorded as the linchpin of global unraveling. I also applaud Ivanka Trump's proposal for six weeks of paid maternity leave. And although it is questionable whether Mr. Bluster ever planned to "follow through," a trillion dollars of infrastructure development is a very good idea, an idea appropriated from "the left side of the aisle." After Obama's passage of a $305 billion dollar infrastructure bill, 44 went on to propose a half trillion dollar infrastructure package, and even explained how to pay for it! See postscript.)

Notably, on the right side of the aisle, hatred has become a virtue. Consider the stunning animus against the Clintons and Obama despite Barack's being a kind, generous, cheerful, witty, knowledgable, capable man - a good father and devoted husband. (I believe Trump's "Base" hates Obama because he embodies virtue, intelligence, kindness and learning. Correspondingly, "The Base" lauds Trump because they see their own selves -- largely uneducated, self-centered and vulgarian -- so precisely-reflected in the "man.")

Trump's lack of humility is both cause-and-consequence of "The Cultural Terrorism" that became apparent on November 8th, 2016. 

Although it is a small point in "The Big Scheme Of Things,"I still marvel that Trump boasted of his penis size in a nationally-televised presidential candidates debate. 

Meanwhile, "The Party of Family Values" -- more accurately called "The Neo-Pharisees Party" -- saw Trump's approval rating rise among white GOP males AFTER news of his whoremongering broke.

"Tommy, can you hear me?"

If Christianity is about anything, it is to remind us that Humility is the mother of all virtues and that vice hinges, primarily, on the "Deadly Sin of Pride." (Conservatives are disproportionately "hung up" on and distracted by the carnal sin of lust, but the essence of corruption -- both moral and political -- is the spiritual sin of pride.) 

I've already mentioned my view that The Iraq War triggered "The Great Unraveling" now under way. 

In similar vein, I note that The Iraq War began with a volcanic upwelling of popular sentiment, a sentiment manifest on ubiquitous bumper stickers proclaiming "The Power of Pride." As I witnessed the metastatic spread of these ideological fungi, I said to my friends, "this is not going to end well." 

But it is not just Trump's ignore-ance of pride that so compromises the nation's integrity: it is also his active promotion of the other "Deadly Sins," lust, wrath, envy and greed chief among them.

Cheater-in-Chief's Luciferian assumption that "vice is virtue" flies in the face of everything the Western World has held to be good.

Tragically, we will reap what Captain Chaos sows. 

I will close with an etymological observation that cuts to the heart of the matter.

I was long gone 50 when it dawned on me that the word "vice" is the root word of "vicious." 

Although any mention of "vice" in the post-modern world does not "play well," many people (perhaps most) understand that Trump -- in his spiteful, pissy, self-seeking heart-of-darkness -- is a vindictive, vicious man who redefines Truth itself to suit his solipsistic need.


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