Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Jerusalem: A Sacred City Defiled By Donald Trump And Benjamin Netanyahu

Zionist Israel "It's Like Talking To A Wall." | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
How about each religion gets one sacred city. Mecca for Islam, Jerusalem for the Jews, for Christians I would pick Rome, but there would be immediate objections to that.
Or how about a regional right to return? Jews lived in Cairo in Egypt, and in Yemen and in Tunisia and in many other places for nearly a thousand years, until 1948. Can they go back and live freely as Jews in Cairo, like they used to do, and practice their religion openly.? ....... Very complicated sorting all that out.
Most of us -- but not me -- recognize the right of First Dibs. Our people got here first! So that means you own it?
I would prefer the right to live where you live now, May 15, 2018. That's your land, where you sleep tonight.
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Suzie Wiley Racanello Religion has cost the lives of so many over the centuries.. over a fairy tale
Albadr Alhazmi We lived in the middle east for centuries muslims/christians/jews together no problem until the west decided to give somebody else land to some jews (zionists)from all over the world & call it israel. I know there are jews who are against this but they...See More
Mary Hill I've been to Rome, so absolutely NOT.
Dave Cassera Israelis and Palestinians are caught in what could be called a “cycle of denial.” The Palestinian national movement denies Israel’s legitimacy, and Israel in turn denies the Palestinians’ national sovereignty. The cycle of denial has defined this shared existence since the creation of Israel 70 years ago.
Alan Archibald A truth even deeper than the "cycle of denial" is that Zionist Israel is unduly responsible for ripping off Palestine, then blaming the victims as justification for perping relentless brutality on the Palestinian people. 

If tables were turned and The United States had been ripped off, murdered and maimed as Palestinians have been, EVERY American patriot would strive to go beyond the level of protest, resistance and military action routinely undertaken by Palestinians.

Every single one.

American resistance to the sort of violence and oppression Zionist Israel has long visited on Palestinians would manifest as a "My Lai massacre" every hour on the hour. 

"Adjusted For Population, Israel Killed The "American" Equivalent Of 10,771 Gazans Today"

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