Friday, May 11, 2018

Frog Hospital's Fred Owens And Pax On Both Houses Discuss California's Governorship

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"The profoundest truths are paradoxical."
Lao Tzu
Who -- whom -- do I vote for in the California primary. Gavin Nuisance for Governor?
Who is the Greek woman who wants to be Lt. Governor? Eleni is her first name.
I think Sen. Feinstein has been in office long enough, who else?
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Alan Archibald Since both Democratic candidates are "good enough," write-in Jerry Brown. Think of it as a "going away gift." Brown has long been the best politician in America. He was my choice for president back when The Plutocracy (now spear-headed by SOBMF) was tarring him as "Moonbeam." In fact, Jerry's "moonbeam" was exactly what we needed. And it's still what we need - a dose of Jesuit otherworldliness - a vision of The Common Good and The General Welfare under aegis of Love's Primacy. Next to Jerry Brown's light, Trump takes Black Holes to a categorically new level.
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