Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why I Don't Want Trump Ousted Until 2019 - At The Earliest

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Dear F,

Thanks for your email.

I think everything Trump undoes will be undone again -- and this time stay done -- when we finally get over The National Lunacy

In fact Trump may be contributing to this psycho-spiritual "purge" sooner rather than later.

Concerning the GOP's lickspittle encouragement of Trump...

I think Republicans want the needle to shift as far right as possible so that when they finally dump him they'll have maximum "slack" with which to cut new deals that actually work to the GOP's benefit. 

It's true that Trump (and Tea Party politics from the beginning) have created a lasting (and perhaps fatal) schism in The Republican Party. 

But I think GOP leaders understand there will be even greater damage to the party if they don't leave His Satanic Majesty in power a couple of years by which time enough of Trump's Base will be disaffected (?!?) that even dimwits will accept Devious Donald's ouster.

As you know, I think Trump's staying in office through mid-terms will work to Democratic advantage - perhaps giving  us both House and Senate.

Pence is so buttoned-down "presentable" that if he assumes power too soon, I think he can win over lots of people just because he's so ostensibly sane and looks GREAT by comparison. 

Do your realize what you're saying when you express the opinion that by getting rid of Trump "they'd have a better chance at their agenda." 

I DO NOT want them to "have a better chance at their agenda." 

And if Trump does not invade (or shock and awe) Korea -- and maybe even then -- I think Trump's continuation in office (as painful as it is) will damage the GOP while redounding to Demcratic advantage.

It's waaayyyyyyyyy to easy to overlook the obvious. 

And once gut feelings get the upperhand, the levelheaded effect of Reason is easy to trash. 

Which is how Trump "happened."

Do not think something similar cannot happen to the judgment-and-politics of liberals and progressives.

When put to the test, "civilization" is always a thin veneer.

Plus, there's this other inconvenient truth... 

Incumbents are very hard to beat unless there is GOOD REASON to give them the boot.

If Pence takes over before 2019, I would bet long odds he would win the oval office in 2020.



On Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 10:00 AM, FV wrote:

Dear A

This is what I've been wondering. Since this person and administration is mired in mud that just gets deeper why don't they cut the rope, sink this ship and sail on with Pence and a clean slate? They'd have a better chance at their agenda and just have the people's resistance to contend with.

I know Pence isn't better legislationwise but I don't want to endure dt and his family with all they bring to life in this country every day. They are a nauseating 
embarrassment and as dangerous a loaded gun. It can go off at any second just like his mouth and pathologically sick mind.



On Jun 11, 2017 9:38 AM, "Alan Archibald" <> wrote:

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Trump expected to announce Cuba policy next week in Miami

Washington Post - ‎12 hours ago‎
BRANCHBURG, N.J. - President Donald Trump is expected to outline his new policy with Cuba next week, announcing steps that could reverse some of the changes made by former President Barack Obama to open commerce and travel after a half-century ...

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