Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Only 37% Of Americans Want To "Repeal And Replace" Obamacare. (79% Want It Improved)

"Only 37% Of Americans Want To "Repeal And Replace" Obamacare. 
(79% Want It Improved)"

Alan: To understand politics, it is necessary to know that humankind's three foremost pleasures are grievance, food and sex.

It is debatable whether grievance or food ranks #1, but sex trails a distant third. (We imagine sex is #1 or #2 -- and for a brief time in life it may be. But in the long run, the mostly imaginary popularity of sex is a fond and distant memory.)

Trump was elected because dimwitted, incurious, self-seeking people -- ignorant of history (and nearly everything else) -- got bitchy "around" three issues: the repeal-and-replacement of Obamacare; the construction of a "big, beautiful Wall (which Mexico would pay for); and "bringing jobs back." 

If you can turn your back on "alternative facts," the truth is this: 

Obamacare will not be repealed or replaced. 

The Wall will not built. 

And the jobs are not coming back.

Even before the election, it was clear that none of these things would happen.

Pipe dreams. 

Wild imagination fueled by redneck meth labs. 

Right-wing America's schizoid approach to politics hinges on our passion for venting grievance - and the widespread belief that "disruptive change" will only affect "the other guy" while benefiting me. (Thank God for "the other guy!" Where else would we dump our shit?

Contemporary conservatives' inability to anticipate the self-destructive fallout of delusional thinking recalls the interesting fact that a decisive majority of American parents give "good grades" to their own kids' school district while savaging public schools in general. 

Here is how such grotesque discrepancies play out in the popular imagination

When The Electorate Is THIS Stupid, Is ANY Delusional Thinking Out Of Bounds?

The Weirdo In The Basement Who Triggers The Fire Alarm Just To Hear The Sirens Go Past | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Clarification: There may be nothing wrong with "self-seeking people." To one extent or another we are all self-seeking. But it is also true (and, in America, anathema to believe) that self-interest is best served by focusing The Common Good and The General Welfare. Healthy communities are where real "trickle down" begins.

Rugged Individualism contempt for the primacy of community is toxic. 

And what we are now witnessing in The Body Politic may be the first lethal signs of that toxicity.

"Bowling Alone's" Robert Putman And Obama's Economic-Mobility Speech

Trump Is Toxic | Toxic | image tagged in trump,toxic,poisonous,trump is toxic,trump is poisonous,trump is venemous | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Alan: The essence of personal and political toxicity is falsehood.
Neither individuals nor societies prosper where falsehood prevails

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