Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump: "8-Year Assault" On Second Amendment Is Over

Trump: "8-Year Assault" On Second Amendment Is Over

Second Amendment Evangelists Believe A Flood Of Guns Is Protective.

Their Religion Requires It.
Alan: In their heart of hearts, American conservatives know they would savage the constitution if it worked to their ideological advantage, just as they would proudly "stand their ground" and shoot another human dead because they "felt" threatened.

And so, conservatives project fear of their own deadly treachery onto "The Other" almost always a dark-skinned other such as the 3,000,000 Vietnamese and the million Iraqis who were killed during Uncle Sam's counterproductive "conflicts" in those country. (Do the math.)

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I happen to be one of "the others" (albeit a paleskin).

And I can say from half a century's embeddedness in left-wing causes that vanishingly few liberals and progressives want to "take guns away." 

But for every "gun abolitionist" on the left, there are a hundred right-wingers who would proudly kill another human being "on suspicion."

"Gun control" and "taking guns away" are as different from one another as "registering and insuring automobiles" differ from "taking cars away."

In fact, the number of cars on American roadways continues to soar almost as steeply as the number of new guns in America has soared since Obama's inauguration.

There is no evidence -- NO EVIDENCE -- that Obama ever wished (or intended) to "take people's guns away." 

The allegation that "liberals" are "going to take guns away" is a paranoid delusion by American conservatives sinking ever deeper into into "Conspiracy Thinking," "alternative facts" and "The Dominion Of Falsehood."

To persuade conservatives to the contrary is like trying to change a "birther's" mind.

If there were a CIA or KGB-validated videotape of Obama's mother giving birth with Don Ho playing ukelele in the background, birthers would not be convinced.

People - especially fact-free people - will believe what they want to believe and disregard the rest.

I do not know the statistical impact of Donald Trump's flat declaration that "Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period." But rest assured that tens of millions of Americans will still argue that Obama was born in Kenya (and furthermore will blithely ignore that Ted Cruz was born in Canada).

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