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"Morning Bugle" And "Ain't No Grave," Performed By "Crooked Still"

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"Morning Bugle" Performed By "Crooked Still"
Morning Bugle
by John Hartford
Morning Bugle Album
Banjo Tuned Eb, Capo 4, Key of C
Chords by:  Verne Garrison
Valley Park, Mo July 6, 2012

C             F                          C              F           C
Here I am, too wasted for the evening ride down to mother Mary’s other place.                                                                                                      
           F                         C                                            G7
Can I hang out here outside your fireside? Listen to the rain fall, fallin on the earth ball.
             C                 F         C                    F                                    
You know I tried, my dear, to be like everybody else, but my body and my mind had 
other plans                                                                                            

       F             C                      F                           G7             C
So here I am, laid out by your fireside, listenin to the rainfall, fallin on the earth ball

Oh say, please don’t go away. I haven’t got much I can call

If you’re not here, then somewhere outside (?)

Some say I’ll make myself fun to keep on laughing

I’ll get by with a little bit o luck again.

Gonna get me a place down here for Thanksgiving dinner, don’t you know?

Gonna get me a lid and keep back out of sight.

It keeps me mellow,  gets me way down low,

Playin in the morning sun, singin with a silver tongue.

Gonna dig me a hole, right here in all of them patchwork quilts

Keep my banjo by my side, right there in bed.

Pretend I’m in a rowboat down by the railroad pond,

Playin in the morning sun, playin with a silver tongue

Oh me, what do you see, not much left in the cupboard

Half past three it's time to make the survey again

Street’s up, street’s gone up, the town below got flooded

I’ll get by with a little bit o luck again

Crooked Still Performs "Ain't No Grave"

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