Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hey, Loser! Hate Never Made Any Nation Great

Hate Never Made Any Nation Great | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Updated Compendium Of Pax Posts About Donald Trump

"Beat The Crap Out Of Them!" | "Beat The Crap Out Of Them!" If A Black Guy Said This, He Would Be Vilified As An "Animal." A White Guy Says This And He Is Lauded As A "Sta | image tagged in trump,trump promotes violence,trump and black people,turned tables,comparison of white people and black people | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

VIDEO: Trump Tells More Lies Than Any U.S. Politician. Why Do Patriots & Xtians Believe A Liar?

28 Enormities That Prevent Conscionable People From Hoping Trump Is A Successful President

Donald's Doozies: A Yuge (And Yugely Incomplete) Compendium Of Trump's "Pants On Fire" Lies

Compendium Of Pax Posts Concerning Trump's Habitual Lying

"Is Truth Dead?" Charlie Rose

We Redacted Everything That's Not A Verifiably True Statement From Trump's Time Magazine Interview About Truth

The Best Photographic Evidence Of Trump Inaugural Crowd Size: From Stage & From Monument

National Park Service Releases Official Photos Of Trump And Obama's Inaugural Crowds

"There Are Two Ways Of Lying..." Denis De Rougemont And Donald Trump

Behind The Mask, The GOP's True Face: Ayn Rand's Ideological Acolyte Paul Ryan Promotes Her Central Belief That Altruism Is Evil

Why Americans Have A Moral Obligation NOT To Respect Donald Trump

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