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Pro-Life Advocates Cause Abortion To Rise While Pro-Choice Advocates Cause It To Plummet

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Outlawing abortion will not make it less frequent.
Outlawing abortion will make it more dangerous.

"The Profoundest Truths Are Paradoxical"
Tao Te Ching
Lao Tzu (Laozi)

Alan: Abortion is the cornerstone of American conservatism's self-righteous contempt for liberalism.

Those Americans who have "fallen prey" to Trump's seduction are certain that abortion will disappear - or at least be minimized - if abortion is made illegal.

In fact, abortion has always been with us and will always be with us. (Interestingly, there is not one reference to "abortion" in the Old Testament or the New.

Since abortion is not going away, the "political question" (wich is different from the "individual moral question") is how to minimize it.

Here is where the plot thickens.

Conservatives --- ever loathe to contextualize truth and, by nature, unable to compromise -- are unable to contemplate the hard, problematic and often ambiguous work of contextualized comprehension. 

Where abortion is illegal, the actual number of abortions soars. 

Whether or not liberals intend to limit the incidence of abortion (or if such limitation is just a happy coincidence) it is a paradoxical fact -- plain as potatoes -- that advocates of safe, legal abortion contribute to the minimization of abortion.

Right now, the steep and ongoing decrease in America's abortion rate is bringing iit below the abortion rate prior to Roe v. Wade.

In the current election cycle, conservatives -- particularly "Christian" "conservatives" -- will argue that "the end does not justify the means" and therefore legal abortion is not a permissible option regardless its beneficent side effect.

However, Christian conservatives' "reason" for supporting Trump depends -- intrinsically and existentially -- on the selfsame argument that "the end does justify the means."

To be clear...

It is incontrovertibly true that "conservative" "Christian" "pro-Life" advocates increase the abortion rate so that the "stack of fetal cadavers" becomes "Himalaya-high," whereas pro-Choice advocates (whether they intend it or not) contribute to a political-and-cultural milieu that actually diminishes per capita abortions with a resulting "cadaver pile" that is only "Allegheny-high."

Looking objectively at the number of aborted fetuses, we find that "pro-Life" advocates are the bloodiest "killers" exhibiting a mindset (and consequent political determination) that makes them far more deadly than pro-Choice advocates.

Here are the details:

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It is most unlikely that pro-life advocates will be "converted" by this line of thought. 

Nevertheless, the argument that pro-life advocates promote abortion while pro-life advocates discourage abortion is very strong - so strong that in the minds of reasonable people it would, at minimum, throw kneejerk absolutism into doubt.

Notably, pro-choice advocates will not admit that this doubt since they are fundamentally interested in justifying categorical condemnation of Liberalism, the underlying goal for which the proscription of abortion is the particular on which their blanket condemnation depends.

So long as absolutism remains unchallenged, there is no need for political conservatives (and Christian conservatives) to engage compromise.

And without compromise, conservatives can continue to conceive themselves as "always and absolutely right" while their liberal counterparts are "always and asbolutely wrong."

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