Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Abortion, Donald Trump, Conservative Christians And Marley's Chains

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Hillary has slipped in the polls but less than I expected.

According to 538, since The Comey Mess no state has fallen off her "committed ledger" except Ohio which has been "bouncing back and forth." 

Yesterday, Ohio's Republican Governor Kasich -- who rightly despises Trump and who would have beaten Hillary handily (but for the volcanic stupidity of "dimwit deplorables") -- voted for John McCain.

It is also true that a couple of states - Arizona and Iowa - which were finally trending-toward-Hillary are now firmly red again.

Here is my compendium of Trump-Putin posts: 

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If Trump Wins And Your Kids Google "First Lady," Here's What They'll Get

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And here is a carefully written, often tedious, but enlightening article that explains the mindset of "conservative" Christians, of whom Ryan is one.

"Catholic Stand": Choosing "The Lesser Of Two Evils" Is Not To Vote For Good - The Third Way

In brief, Catholic Stand says it is unconscionable to vote for a "known evil" when one can vote (or even write-in) an alternative candidate without Trump's satanic baggage. 

Although the author does not say as much, I am confident he would also agree that declining to vote for "known evil" is preferable to the lubricious justification of voting for "the lesser evil." 

I cannot imagine Christian supporters of Trump having a one-on-one conversation with The Messiah in which Yeshua would validate their endorsement of Trump. 

At minimum, He would tell them to "shake the dust from their sandals" and move on to greener pastures.

Ryan's argument for "voting Trump" is largely built on "Hillary's baggage" when, in fact, the baggage Trump drags around is heavier than Marley's chains.

By EVERY Measure, Trump's "Baggage" Is Incomparably More Voluminous Than Hillary's

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And finally, a word about abortion, the cornerstone of American conservatism's self-righteous contempt for liberalism.

Those Americans who have "fallen prey" to Trump's seduction are certain that abortion will disappear - or at least be minimized - if abortion is made illegal.

In fact, abortion has always been with us and will always be with us. (Interestingly, there is not one reference to "abortion" in the Old Testament or the New.

Since abortion is not going away, the "political question" (wich is different from the "individual moral question") is how to minimize it.

Here is where the plot thickens. 

Conservatives --- ever loathe to contextualize truth and, by nature, unable to compromise -- are unable to contemplate the hard, problematic and often ambiguous work of contextualized comprehension. 

Where abortion is illegal, the actual number of abortions soars. 

Whether or not liberals intend to limit the incidence of abortion (or if such limitation is just a happy coincidence) it is a paradoxical fact -- plain as potatoes -- that advocates of safe, legal abortion contribute to the minimization of abortion

Right now, the steep and ongoing decrease in America's abortion rate is bringing iit below the abortion rate prior to Roe v. Wade.

In the current election cycle, conservatives -- particularly "Christian" "conservatives" -- will argue that "the end does not justify the means" and therefore legal abortion is not a permissible option regardless its beneficent side effect.

However, Christian conservatives' "reason" for supporting Trump depends -- intrinsically and existentially -- on the selfsame argument that "the end does justify the means."

To be clear...

It is incontrovertibly true that "conservative" "Christian" "pro-Life" advocates increase the abortion rate so that the "stack of fetal cadavers" becomes "Himalaya-high," whereas pro-Choice advocates (whether they intend it or not) contribute to a political-and-cultural milieu that actually diminishes per capita abortions with a resulting "cadaver pile" that is only "Allegheny-high."

Looking objectively at the number of aborted fetuses, we find that "pro-Life" advocates are the bloodiest "killers" exhibiting a mindset (and consequent political determination) that makes them far more deadly than pro-Choice advocates.

Here are the details:

Thinking Housewife: Supporting Trump Makes You Bedfellows With Pro-Choice Advocates



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