Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trump: Is It Wise To Hire A Business Man To Run Government?

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The government is not a business. So hiring a businessman to run the government does not make much sense.
Because it's different. Like cats and dogs. Did you ever take your cat for a walk? No, because cats are different than dogs and they don't like to go on walks.
likewise, the government is not a business, so you run it in a different way.
Now, experience in running a business can be useful when assuming a position in gov't. But it is not the same.

MO The advantage is that you look at government with a more objective point of view than if you are a career politician and have been drinking the Koolaid for years.
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RM Corporate Businessmen care about the average Joe.. said no one ever.
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Alan Archibald To expect a plutocrat who has stiffed workers, contractors and suppliers throughout his adult life to "save the little guy" is more ridiculous than expecting Mother Theresa to open a brothel franchise to finance her charitable work.
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DIt's very obvious that it hasn't been run like a business you couldn't be more wrong Fred
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EHK I hate to say it, but you are wrong in saying that "business can be useful when assuming a position in government," because there is no discretion. It is a bureaucracy. Now, if you mean a position of leadership (cabinet, etc) within the government, you are correct. They (Including the president) can made decisions based on business experience, for example, when it comes to spending. Any government spending is spending "our" money. Individuals and especially those in business MUST make responsible decisions or they go out of business. There is nothing wrong with running the government like a business instead of like a giant bureaucracy. A little business sense could go a long way.
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Fred Owens A little business sense could go a long way... Yes, but the nature of business is to grow and get bigger... Whereas government should not be any bigger than it needs to be..... Government and business have different goals. The essential purpose of government is justice. The essential purpose of business is profit.
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Alan ArchibaldAlan Archibald
I like your epitomizations of business and government. A few years ago, some fasciating research reveald "a deep connection between the scientific method and morality." Here's the article... "Just Thinking About Science Triggers Moral Behavior" My biologist and molecular biologist friends who apply themselves to the commercialization of science, while not ignorant of the profit motive, seem primarily focused on research and development, confident that profit will result as an "automatic epiphenomenon." Perhaps this parallels the testamental saying "Seek first the kingdom of God and God's justice and all these things will be added unto you." I have also observed that people in the "extractive industries" oil, gas, coal, mining, lumber - seem unusually focused on profit for its own sake. I have begun to speculate that if humankind is to survive - and to thrive - it will need to "get over" the "extractive mentality" and focus more on the highly-interactive, minutely-detailed, communitarian work of scientific collaboration. As a Christian, I tentatively call this transformation "Christian Science" although not at all in the Mary Bakers Eddy sense. The great Jesuit paleontologist/cosmologist, Pere Teilhard de Chardin, said many marvelous things. One of them was: "Adoration's real name is... research."

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