Friday, September 21, 2012

Mitt Romney: Protecting and Strengthening Medicare

And guess where there's snowballs!

Dear C

No surprise in Sarasota...

The cyborg has brass balls. 


This same out-sized brazenness applies to the Republican complaint that "liberals" are not serious about cutting "entitlement" payments, when -- after all -- "something must be done!"

That "something" is single payer healthcare which -- in addition to being an elegant solution to the delivery of high quality healthcare -- would, immediately, cut the cost of healthcare in half. (Not to mention the 716 billion Obama has already cut - 716 billion which Romney-Ryan intend to saddle upon The National Debt.)

The only way Republicans can cut healthcare costs in half is by cutting the throats of... say... let's say 47% of the population.

Republicans have NOTHING in their bankrupt storehouse of "ideas" except Romneycare - ironically the one area in which Mitt could have made a real contribution. Instead, he submitted to castration.

Hope he likes the brass ones.



PS  "Conservative Pundit (and Republican operative) Michael Gerson says 'Republican ideology offers nothing.'"

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