Sunday, September 30, 2012

Holy Kitchens

Mahatma Gandhi: "God would not dare appear to a hungry person except in the form of bread."

Holy Kitchens Series - True Business (SIKHISM)

I became aware of "Holy Kitchens" through an NPR Splendid Table interview on September 30, 2012. 

15:50 – 23:23  Vikas Khanna

Indian chef Vikas Khanna joins Lynne to talk about his culinary journey.

Uploaded by VikasKhannaGroup on Feb 11, 2010
Holy Kitchens is a series of Documentaries based on Vikas Khanna's journey to discover the spiritual
foods in the World's Holy Kitchens.

Holy Kitchens' Webpage:


I have long considered Christianity - particularly Catholic Christianity - to be a convivial conversation around a sacramental table. At this table, God does appear to "the hungry" in the form of bread.

Judaism (generally) and Christianity (specifically) are the only great religions of the world that use a toxin as a sacramental substance. 

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