Friday, September 28, 2012

Zakaria: Mitt Romney Must Tell Lies To Avoid Open Rebellion In The GOP "Base"

Dear Ed,

Thanks for sending the latest "Romney Reversal Vignette."

Have you seen the video clip of Mitt's Mom expressing her gratitude that husband George benefited from welfare when - as a child - he suddenly found himself a "hungry refugee" from Mexico?


Thanks for sending NASA's "How to get to Mars."

It is out of this world! As eye-popping as any video I've ever seen.


Rest assured. 

While waiting for "the fat lady to sing," I am not getting complacent about November. 

Last weekend, I participated in a three hour training to "Get Out The Vote" and have signed up for twenty hours' volunteer work with the Obama campaign.

To date, the Obama team has signed up 300,000 (three hundred thousand) new voters - the most new voters enrolled by any state political party in any campaign --- ever! --- and twice as many as North Carolina Democrats registered in the 2008 election cycle.

I am confident we will win North Carolina and eagerly accept any bet to the contrary.

Wanna bet?

Trust me Ed.

The House is next!



PS Here is a video clip of the 2003 event to which you referred in which Romney accuses a Massachusetts coal plant of killing people - 

PPS Even if you've seen it before, everyone should view (and review) Ron Paul's video, "Still voting for Mitt Romney?"  In "Still voting?" Paul makes an even better case than Newt Gingrich did in his excoriation, "When Romney Comes To Town."

PPS And finally, Fareed Zakaria has written an incisive piece about Romney's inability to tell the truth because Truth is anathema to too many Republicans.

In the following clip, Zakaria delivers his written script in video form.


... both sides of his mouth...


On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 7:18 PM, EM wrote:

Hi Alan:   Well, I appreciate the "good news" but won't breathe easy til the fat lady sings.....
Regarding the "forked tongue" display on Romney speaking out of both sides of his mouth, I just read another one to add to the list: 
I just read that in 2003  Gov.Romney stood in front of a coal plant in Salem, MA and said he would not endorse a plant that kills people, "And this plant, this plant kills people."      Of course now he's collecting BIG BUCKS from various coal folk with his endorsement of COAL as the first plank in his "Energy Policy" and his "Jobs Policy"  (never mind that the front page of the Wall Street Journal TODAY (9/28/12) is explaining that the Chinese slowdown is responsible for closing a bunch of coal mining operations in West Virginia/Appalachia because the importation of 4.5 million metric tons of coal in July, dropped to 2.6 million metric tons of coal in August, and the price dropped accordingly from $330 a metric ton to $170 a metric ton  --- so.....why not blame it on Obama [I say, "smart like a rock."]   Cheers! E

From: Alan Archibald <>
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Subject: Fwd: Michele Bachmann's Democratic opponent within 2 points

The Oval Office, The Senate -- and now The House -- are in reach.

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Joan McCarter, Daily Kos <>Date: Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 3:09 PMSubject: Michele Bachmann's Democratic opponent within 2 pointsTo:

Alan, Republicans are slumping so badly right now that there is a real chance Michele Bachmann will lose her re-election campaign to Democratic challenger Jim Graves. Here's the situation:
  1. Close polls: The latest poll shows Graves only 2 points behind Bachmann, 48-46.
  2. No split in the anti-Bachmann vote: In two of her three campaigns for U.S. House, Bachmann received fewer votes than the combined total for the Democratic and Independence Party candidates. However, this time Graves convinced the Independence Party to not field a candidate, allowing him to solidify the anti-Bachmann vote.
  3. Bachmann even has problems among Republicans: Prominent Republicans such as Speaker John Boehner recently denounced Bachmann because she accused an Arab-American aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of being a part of a plot by Muslim extremists to infiltrate the federal government.
With Mitt Romney hurting Republicans all the way down the ticket, and with Jim Graves demonstrating he is an energized Democratic challenger, this race has gone from a fun long-shot for our side to a potential steal.

Let's give it a solid boost of support. Please donate $3 to Jim Graves.

Keep fighting,
Joan McCarter, Daily Kos
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