Monday, July 16, 2012

Mr. Wendell Berry Of Kentucky /// Berry's "Witty" Story

Mr. Wendell Berry Of Kentucky (a rich webpage)

Video clip of Wendell Berry introduced by Bill McKibben.
Don't miss Wendell's story about the "witty" which begins at the 5:22 minute mark.

“There is also the Territory of historical self-righteousness: if we had lived south of Ohio in 1830, we would not have owned slaves; if we had lived on the frontier, we would have killed no Indians, violated no treaties, stolen no land.  The probability is overwhelming that if we had belonged to the generation we deplore, we too would have behaved deplorably.  The probability is overwhelming that we belong to a generation that will be found by its successors to have behaved deplorably.  Not to know that is, again, to be in error and to neglect essential work, and some of this work, as before, is work of the imagination How can we imagine our situation or our history if we think we are superior to it?”


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