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Christian Fundamentalism: Barely 100 Years Old But With Outsized Impact On American Politics

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To begin, a definition of Christian Fundamentalism from Mount Holyoke:

Current Fundamentalists believe that everyone must choose to be either Fundamentalist or non-Fundamentalist. There is no in between. According to The Fundamentalist Project (see Further Reading) the major characteristics of Fundamentalists are:

  1. Their religion forms their identity, both personal and communal.
  2. There is one and only one truth, and it is theirs.
  3. They are purposefully shocking.
  4. They see themselves as part of a "cosmic struggle".
  5. They interpret historical events as part of their "cosmic struggle".
  6. They try to make any opposition to them look bad and immoral.
  7. They only emphasize some parts of their heritage (in other words, they ignore what it is convenient to ignore).
  8. Their leaders are typically male.
  9. They try to rebel against the current distribution of power.

Here is a second set of Fundamentalist beliefs:

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Views of Christianity from outside the Fundamentalist fold:

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