Thursday, July 27, 2017

Abraham's Takeover Of Canaan Was A Classic "Land Grab" And The Extermination Of Canaanites Was A Moral Monstrosity Masquerading As "The Will Of God"

The Canaanite City Of Sodom "Destroyed By God"
Bible Says Canaanites Were Wiped Out By Israelites But Scientists Just Found Their Descendants Living In Lebanon
"You shall not leave alive anything that breathes. But you shall utterly destroy them." Deuteronomy 20:16-18
Pastor John Piper "discusses the vexing problem of God ordering the mass killing of every Canaanite man, woman, and child."
Bible Gives Two Accounts Of "Sodom's Sin."
The One You Favor Reveals You.

What's Wrong With The Abrahamic Religions: Absolutism, Scriptural Inerrancy, Bloodlust

The Patriarch Abraham And Trans-Millennial Stockholm Syndrome

Obama’s 2006 Speech on Faith and Politics: Abraham Prepares To Kill And Immolate His Son

"What ISIS Really Wants" And How The Patriarch Abraham Appears To Be The Instigator

Compendium Of Best "Pax" Posts About Christianity (And The Abrahamic Tradition)

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